Thursday, May 30, 2013

[bloom...and turquoise paint]...

hello friends!  :)

since i could no longer stand it...

the gentlemen's dresser got a makeover.

he was so very sad looking...

and was in desperate need of color...

i love him much more now in his turquoise hue...don't you!?  :)

today...I also bring you a diy...yay!

it's the sign to the left of the crate.  :)

you will need:

a piece of foam core [any size...i cut mine to 11x14]
strips of scrapbook paper in varying widths [or fabric, or wrapping paper...etc]
embellishments of your choice
mod podge [i like the glossy kind]
a foam brush
an exacto knife

just layer your papers so that they fit on the board and mod podge away...

it really couldn't get any simpler.  :)

love this crate....

it's perfect for holding my vintage bottles.

[the ranunculus may or may not be staying...i can't decide.  this is their trial period. :)]

happy week ending!


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